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Cat Being Cozy


The Ultimate Social Cat Hotel
Diabetic/Private Suites Available

Our Story

At Scratching Post Cat Hotel, we are  passionate about providing a luxurious and comfortable social or solitude stay for your feline companions. Our journey began 10 years ago with a love for cats and a vision to create a unique space where they can relax and play while having the option of strictly solitude. We pride ourselves on our exceptional care, attention to detail, and creating a home away from home for every cat that stays with us. Our core values revolve around ensuring the happiness and well-being of every guest, and we strive to stand out by offering personalized care tailored to each cat's needs. Join us in our mission to provide the ultimate cat hotel experience!

About Me

Suite options - Private and social

Welcome to Vancouver's only overnight in-my-home care cat Resort. We are Vancouver's only Resort that offers cat integration coaching options at no extra cost.  With 4 diabetic/Private room options. 

Social Room - with private Villa 1 - Provides comfort and hours of daily interaction for cats who are new and not yet socialized. Each cat has private lodging to eat, rest with it's own litter. They are welcome to come out many times a day.  Each cat has it's own private lodging to eat, rest and has it's own litter.

Social Room with private Villa  2  - Provides comfort and hours of daily interaction for cats who come from cat caffe's, or have been previously socialized. Each cat has it's own private lodging to eat, rest and has it's own litter.

Both: $33 Purr day/$31 14+ days/ $750 purr Month. 

Additional cat $17/$295 purr month. Pictures available daily, through Instagram and Facebook stories. 

Private rooms.

Great for cats that are unsocial, diabetic, high stress, sick and/or have food allergies.


Private room 1 & 2

150 sq ft. Provides comfort for 1-2 cats.

Cats over 2 =$5 extra purr day. 

$60 purr day. Comes with camera. 

Private room 3 & 4 

250 ft Provides comfort for 1-5 cats from the same home. Camera viewing and interaction included.

$70 purr day cat's over 3 = $5 purr day. 

Creating happy cats together

Policy's and FAQ

what to expect 

-The hotel is sanitized daily with HOCL a non-toxic cleaner stronger then bleach. 

-Social time is between 10am and 5pm. Please know if you book an appointment before or after social hours, it may be shortened due to our need to care for the cats around feeding and medication times. 

-Depending on how often your cat is/has been with us will reflect on how quickly she/he adjusts to the first and subsequent visits. 

-Once your cat is wanting to come out and socialize with us, daily pictures will be posted to instagram and facebook stories which are visible for 24 hours. 

-Hotel viewing can be arranged when we are not fully booked. 

what to bring

-Both rooms: We supply the litter, bowls, lids to wet food. You are welcome to bring cat toys, blankets/towels for your home smell. Scratch Pads etc. Please label anything you want to be returned to you with your cats first name. 

-Private rooms: You are welcome to bring your own litter, blanket etc to the private rooms if that is your preference. 


-Social Condo's = 4 day minimum (you are welcome to request less, and a four day fee will apply).

-Half day discounts apply after a 5+ day booking.

-Private Rooms = 6 day Minimum.  Half day discounts do not apply due to depth of cleaning in between bookings.

-A $10 holiday fee applied over March Break and Christmas/New years, and Long weekends.  The long weekend surcharge will be removed after a 7+ day booking. 

-14 day cancellation policy, if cancelled within the 14 day period, your balance will be applied to your account as credit minus a $50 admin fee.


-Frcvp Vaccination

-Front claws cut

-Flea treatment Apr-Oct if outdoor cat


-Proper working carrier large enough for your cat to move around comfortably, with blanket on bottom

-We do not currently provide typical grooming. We will keep your cat brushed out. If your cat requires more, you will arrange that otherwise. 


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